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This product combines restoring and cleaning function. It is a natural health care and supplementary nutrition product. “Gaoqian” is also recommended to people suffering from hyperlipemia, hypertonia, hyperglycemia, overweight people.

  1. Konjak - The main preventive and curing effect of Konjak is the reduction of fat, sugar and cholesterol amount in the blood, elimination of toxicosis consequences, it is used when curing malignant tumors, to suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract. It is distinguished for an excellent effect for overweight people and for those suffering from constipation.
  2. Chitosan – is the only natural kind of polysaccharides of alkaline nature, that determines its important physiological functions. When chitosan enters the human body it remains there practically unabsorbed. For this reason it is attributed to one of the food fiber kinds. Chitosan also regulates and improves the work of the digestive tract, acts as a regenerating and preventive measure for the gastric mucous membrane. Chitosan helps to strengthen the immune system, suppresses the growth of cancer cells, lowers the blood pressure, reduces the amount of sugar and lipid in the blood. 
  3. Fiber cellular tissue - is large molecule cellulose. It, just like Chitosan, occupies more space in the digestive tract, this is why it creates the feeling of being full, decreases an appetite, helps to lose weight. When using it with your meals, it stimulates intestine peristalsis, digestive juices secretion, is suitable for the prevention of diabetes and constipation. It helps to acquire a jell form in the intestine from the soluble cellulose, that slows down the assimilation of sugar in the intestine, also considerably reduces the amount of sugar in the blood.
  4. Spirulina - A natural well known green weed. Spirulina is a champion of amino acids, vitamins and micro elements concentration among ecologically clean products. The organism’s assimilation of this weed is 95% (as it does not have cells with strong molecule walls). Among all natural products Spirulina contains the biggest amount of protein – 65%!

Net content: 144 tablets 0.7 grams each.
Expiration date: 18 months since the production date. 


It helps when you gain weight, when your appetite and craving for sweets is increased. It helps when the level of sugar in blood is increase, in case of disruption of fat metabolism. It helps for the body when body have a deleterious effect on alcohol.


To lose weight: up to 8 tablets twice a day half an hour before a meal; wash down with not less than a glass of warm water. As preventive measure: half an hour before a meal (e.g. before eating fat food): up to 4 tablets twice a day.


"Gaoqian" nutritional tablets are made from konjak flour, chitosan, spirulina, food fibre from different fruit and vegetables

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