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The role and importance of green seaweed to the human nutrition was mentioned before in the section about spirulina, as an ingredient of “Gaoqian”. The green Liucao seaweed, which is present in soft capsules “Chajcao Gaj”, resembles spirulina and has a similar effect. It is worth to mention a large amount of vitamins present in the seaweed, (beta carotene, vitamins C, E, B, etc.) and minerals (magnesium, iodine, iron, selenium, zinc, etc.), and calcium among them.

Chinese corporation “Fohow” managed to extract calcium from the seaweed, which is almost completely and easily absorbed by a human organism, and it does not provoke any side effects.
It has to be mentioned, that the food supplement contains B group vitamins, obtained from vegetable oil, which make calcium better absorbed in the intestine and remain in the bones.

Calcium is very important, especially when we face osteoporosis problems, bone breaking, heart work disorders, etc. It is not enough to use the food which is rich in calcium; calcium needs to be absorbed. That is why it has to be transformed into ionic form. It happens in the stomach, under the influence of salt acid, and when its production is reduced, calcium absorption is disturbed.

Gradually a deficit of calcium develops in the human organism: at the age of 40 it is typical to 50% of people, at 60 – 90%; it causes tiredness, early aging, reduced attention concentration, calf muscle spasms, heart and blood vessel system diseases and respiratory diseases.

 Packaging contains: 100 capsules, 800mg each.


By using these soft capsules you will reduce osteoporosis, bone fractures, allergies, heart problems, and it will help losing weight.


Soft capsules “Chajcao Gaj” you can use up to 2 capsules per day and wash it down with warm water.


Soft capsules “Chajcao Gaj” are made from calcium from seaweed, vegetable oil and gelatine.

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