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From life preserving theory recorded in traditional Chinese medicine, it says twelve regular channels, up to the skin. Skin smoothness has a close connection with the five internal organs and the six hollow organs, also with the Eight Extra Meridians' Qi and blood circulation. If internal secretion unbalances, it may cause stagnation of liver qi,deficiency of the kidney, incoordination between the spleen and the stomach, sickly complexion, pigmentation, skin aging, acne.

Its unique way of detoxification by pulling cotton thread is the perfect embodiment of the international beautifying ideas, for the reason that it solves the difficult problem of eliminating toxin automatically through woman’s reproductive system in a proper way.


  • For external use only!
  • Prohibited for the virgin and the pregnant.
  • No use in menstrual and lactation period. No use right before and after menstruation.
  • With caution who just has an abortion and who is allergic constitution
  • Cannot take place of medicine

Five features

  • self-examining: only one Qinggong Pill you need to find out whether you suffer gynecopathy or not.
  • self-clearing: only one Qinggong Pill you need to clear away toxin and waste inside your vagina.
  • self-curing: be helpful for the treatment of diseases like hysteromyoma, cervical erosion, ovarian cyst, etc.
  • self-beautifying: improve facial quality, like paling, tarnishing, splash, xerosis cutis, wrinkled skin, etc.
  • self-nourishing: only one Qinggong Pill per month you need to prevent gynecological disease, constrict vagina and uterus, regain beauty.


What are the benefits? It is purification ,it clears and detoxifies, removes necrosis and promotes granulation, postpones senility: restore the vitality of dying cells. It beautifies and nourishes: improve and regain the usual physiological function of generative organ. It is life preserving: Qinggong Pill is efficacious in some certain gynaecological diseases and also it infertilities: It has certain efficacy in infertility by balancing PH value inside the vagina and dredging Fallopian tube.


Open the aluminum foil bag, check the package. Clean your vagina, wipe up. Use the disposable fingercot to put the pill into the depth of your vagina and leave the thread ends out. Change it every three days. When you want to take the pill out, pull the cotton thread gently, clean your vagina and pudendum. One grain each time, six grain a period of treatment.


Dragon’s Blood, Rhubarb, fructus cnidii, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis, Borneol, Safflower, Cortex pseudolaricis, Dry alum, Catechu, Borax, etc.

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