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Silk Quilt


The Fohow Company’s latest product -silk quilt- it is a unique high-tech medicine, biology, materials, textiles and other sectors work. Agglutination method from the natural product of nature constantly generates infrared 4-14 microns length ray- ‘life rays’. At normal body temperature quilt absorbs and regulates environment energy and directs it to the human body. Thus, the functional layer contacting with human skin the reaction and activates the body's water molecules and cells, improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, normalizes metabolism.

Tencel - a new fibre, with help of nanotechnology this fibre is made of high-quality cellulose, derived from young eucalyptus shoots. Natural raw material is eco-friendly, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, completely safe to the human body, sturdy and resilient, never losing the properties even after washing. All characteristics tencel match silk qualities.

Natural silk - it is light, soft, thin, natural fibre. This is the thinnest natural protein fibre. It possesses unique properties: absorbs moisture and regulates the temperature depending on the season and the environment. Silk - a unique fabric, excellent filler, producing exclusive high quality products. Quilt fabric containing silk - high quality and valuable natural product, fully protecting the caloric, does not irritate the skin, characterized by anti-static properties, soft and pleasant. Sleeping under this Silk Quilt not only a pleasure, but also it improves blood circulation in the body, adjustable central nervous system functions and improves sleep quality.


Tencel Benefits: Environmentally friendly natural fibre, fights against bacteria (fabrics from Tencel gives the owner protection from harmful bacteria, because tencel is made from eucalyptus pulp), durability, hypoallergenic properties (Tencel is made from natural materials. His smooth, soft texture is ideal for people with sensitive skin, it does not cause irritation and allergic reactions), excellent moisture absorption, optimal thermoregulation, easy to wash, dries quickly, combines the softness and smoothness of silk and cotton comfort.


The top layer of quilt: TENCEL 60%, long staple Cotton 40%. Filling: Natural silk 30%, functional fabric with infrared radiation function and the ionized particles 30%, soft cotton 40%.

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