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Fohow Functional wellness pillow– it is absolutely safe and modern way to improve the quality of your sleep.

The unique design fits snugly neck pillow and head offices. Designed with high margins and indentation in the center of the pillow perfectly supports the cervical muscles and reduces the load on them.

Curved design allows both sides of the pillow as a head lock while sleeping on their backs, and on one side, causing the muscles of the cervical, head and shoulder sections as much relaxed position.

The product effectively relieves pain and aches in the shoulder and neck areas, reduces snoring  allows you to enjoy a comfortable and sweet sleep.

Soft magnets are sewn into a pillow, form a magnetic field, so full is improving the supply of oxygen to the brain department, improvement of microcirculation in the brain, neck and shoulder parts, elimination of brain fatigue, improved sleep, calming and relaxing the body.

The unique three-dimensional design ensures breathability functional pillows Fohow, the outer layer is decorated with beautiful ornaments, soft, flexible and pleasant to the touch. Combined with the excellent design of jacquard woven fabrics of cotton products is even more elegant.


Functional Wellness pillow benefits: Dissapears Insomnia, for long-term use of pillows decreases the time of immersion in the dream and the number of awakenings, sleep time increases. During the development of pillows Fohow used functional materials, which are constantly produce infrared rays and anions, creating favorable conditions for sleep. Ergonomically designed cushion, combined with functional materials can improve microcirculation, increase blood oxygen saturation, as you relax your body.


Igneous minerals and magnets

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