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Fohow Shaping Lingerie is energy shielding underwear which are designed to protect the body and adjust the figure - is the most advanced scientific technology product of the combined production of the two methods: natural energy physiotherapy and traditional Chinese medical theory of biological points and also energy channels. 

Creating these clothes there have been applied physiology and mechanics of the human body and the most advanced nanotechnology principles.

Fohow underwear body shaping effect is based on the human body fat transfer theory. The design of these products used ergonomics and human body mechanics principles.

Special 420 den density, smooth elastic material actives human body for optimal level of pressure. Hexagon crochet materials technology is based on mechanical stress between the principles, allowed increasing the elasticity of the material and stretching in all directions. The result is unrestricted freedom of movement of 360 degrees. Fohow underwear is breathable and perfect distribution of warmth. Fohow Body Shaping lingerie corrects your figure and you live normal life! 

With these corrective warm clothes in winter is warm and in summer is cool. Clothes have ant allergic and anti-bacterial properties. Stereo metric cutting pressure is accurately distributed throughout the body, where increasing in need, and where you need decreasing. This allows to move fat somewhere else, manage their growth and to capture in that place where they are needed.

Underwear set consists of (optional):

  • Bra
  • Bra shaped corse
  • Long or short underpants or leggings.

Energy screening underwear can macromolecules groups effectively change into micro molecules structures, it cleans the body from harmful components, cells and quickly withdraws from the human body toxins, harmful substances and metabolic products, and improves blood circulation, metabolism, the body's ability to absorb nutrients, enhance immunity. Fohow underwear has a beneficial effect in the treatment of hypertension, insomnia, arthritis, obesity, infertility, intestinal adhesions and many other health problems.


Natural igneous minerals and hexagonal crochet textile technology

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