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Functional healing bedding


By using the latest developments in science was created unique bedding, with who human will not only rest but also recover and rejuvenate his body.

 This bedding also has the following action: provides natural heat insulation designed during sleep in the human body, prevents the penetration of sweat fabric mattress supports thermal balance of the body, removes irritability and also brings a good mood.

Functional Healing Bedding provides additional treatment of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes , stroke , rheumatoid arthritis , varicose, menstrual pain and many other diseases associated with breach of the micro-circulation .It helps when pleasant sleep , comfort and restores health.

The unique properties of functional Fohow bedding - it is a static massage, therapeutic effects and health through simple and easy to use, it saves your time and effort and it is long-term effects .It is a natural physical therapy without side effects. Bedding during sleep time is the body's natural heat insulation which does not absorb sweat and do not soak the fabric in the mattress keeps the heat balance of the body, high air permeability, it has antibacterial properties. Bedding regulates the normal temperature of the human body and absorbs energy from the environment and directs it to the human body. The activated cells and the water molecules in the body, improve local blood circulation, normalizes metabolism and improve the immune system.


This bedding improves metabolism in the body, removes fatigue, returns physical strength. Also it helps to store and preserve the heat. It increases cellular activity and the body's immune system. This bedding also opens the energy channels, eliminates the pain, it has bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory effect and eliminates swelling.

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