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Over the past few generations, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors related to aging have changed. While past generations adopted a more passive, less involved view of aging, NOW PEOPLE ARE TAKING A VERY ACTIVE, COMPLEX, AND DELIBERATE APPROACH TO ANTI-AGING.

The desire to retain a younger look and feel isn’t restricted to an older generation. Modern men and women are making changes in their lifestyles to increase their life spans. They are beginning their skin care treatments at a YOUNGER AGE and are spending more time and money on PRODUCTS THAT MINIMZE THE SIGNS OF AGING. With younger consumers hoping to preserve their youth before the onset of aging, the consumer group for anti-aging products expands from middle-aged and older consumers to younger consumers between 26 to 38 years.

The trend in aging solutions, like cosmetic surgery, is also changing. People are shifting from difficult reconstructive procedures to delicate, less invasive options. While people today are happy to turn back the clock in terms of their attitude to their age, 80% of respondents said they would not consider cosmetic surgery when they’re older, led by 86% of people in Asia-Pacific.
As the world population continues to grow, people around the world are getting older and living longer, creating a demand for products to make them feel healthier and look younger. “Old age” is being postponed in today’s society, as many 50-64 year-olds are just as active (or more active) as many of their younger counterparts.

Beauty and Wellness Converge
Beauty is becoming an ageless concept. No longer just associated with image and fashion, beauty has become more about lifestyle and the way we feel about ourselves. People around the world are getting older and, thus, are more interested in PRODUCTS THAT MAKE THEM HEALTHIER AND APPEAR YOUNGER, REJUVENATED, AND ENERGETIC. They are adopting a more holistic approach to beauty where people manage their appearance with how they live. AS THE PERCENTAGE OF AGING CONSUMERS INCREASES, THE DEMAND FOR ANTI-AGING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES RISES.

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